My Father The Judge Cigar Review

My Father landed another cigar on Cigar Aficionado's "Cigar of the Year" list in 2017 with My Father's The Judge. Like the Le Bijou 1922 and Flor de las Antilles that came before, The Judge is a Nicaraguan blend that many found themselves drooling over upon its introduction.

I've been excited to try this one since seeing it land on the list at the end of 2017. Today, I finally put flame to leaf and had a chance to dive in.

My Father the judge on a ledge next to a book

My Father The Judge - Prelight

There's not a lot that's incredibly noteworthy about this cigar before lighting it up. It wasn't particularly heavy in terms of hand-feel. It's attractive enough but some fairly obvious seams and veins took away from what I'd consider a "beauty queen" of a cigar.

Double banded with a fairly extravagant My Father primary band, a secondary band and a ribbon along the foot - this has the look most My Father fans would come to expect, I'd imagine. Overall, it's not ugly but if there were no bands on this cigar, I'm not sure I'd be looking at this one with grand expectations.

This particular review will be taking a look at the Toro. This is a 6.0" x 52 box-pressed cigar. The box-press really gives is a mouth feel that to me feels like a corona grande. That's a good thing (to me). 

Like all of the My Father The Judge cigars, the toro fino is equipped with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and has long-filler Nicaragun fillers inside a Nicaraguan corojo and criollo binder.

First Third Thoughts on My Father The Judge

Cigar band of My Father The Judge cigar
As I light-up The Judge, I notice some darker leaf mixed in with a traditional tan color filler inside. Once lit, the first few draws fill my mouth with dark tobacco flavors and an ample amount of smoke.

Then, I pick up on something really nice - a chocolate sort of flavor that sits as the primary note on my palate. It's really quite nice.

A citrus flavor - is it lemon? - comes on and sits on the top of my palate. All-in-all, this is very nice and I'm starting to understand how this cigar caught the attention of the critics and made a "best of" list.

About an inch into the cigar, I start to pick up on some graham flavors that replace a little bit of that chocolate from the initial blast.

At this point, the construction is offering me no trouble whatsoever and while the smoke output is decent - it's not the smokiest cigar I've ever had. (Some guys seem to care about this so I thought I'd mention it.)

Second Third Thoughts

The Judge starts to leave the bench a bit in the second third as I notice the overall intensity starts to dial back a bit. Perhaps my palate is getting fatigued already?  Whatever the case may be, flavors aren't nearly as start at this point.

About 2 1/2-inches into the cigar, I notice some changes. Floral notes come in with a little bit of nuttiness. It's a nice flavor and there's still that original chocolate feeling there.

About 15 minutes later, I have my first issue - just after the first bit of ash drops unexpectedly off the cigar and onto the pages of the book I'm half-reading while smoking.

From here, I start to catch a bit of trouble from The Judge in the form of a burn line that goes a little wonky on me. In this case, the unevenness of the burn is something that I feel needs to be addressed so it's time to break out the torch.

Uneven burn on the cigar

Final Third

I'm a little disappointed in the final third of this cigar. I'm not picking up anything new and the cigar seems to be dialing things back as I make my way toward the finish.

I usually try to smoke my cigars down to the nub or until they're so hot I can't --- but in this case, with about 2-inches left, the cigar isn't producing any smoke and seems to go out. I attempt an initial relight and have limited success. I hate relighting - it makes me question if I've just tainted the experience.

So, rather than continue evaluating - we'll leave it like that. You may notice something that comes back in the final 2-inches or so. For me, The Judge didn't deliver anything new at this point --- which leaves it as a "should try" rather than a "must try" as far as I'm concerned. The first third is fantastic - and worth a look.