Bespoke Gran Mareva Cigar Review

Bespoke Gran Mareva Cigar unlit

As far as I'm concerned, there isn't a boutique manufacturer and cigar out there that has garnered the level of praise that the Bespoke Gran Mareva has enjoyed.

Whether it's the Cigar of the Year award bestowed upon it by Katman or the A+ rating from Kaplowitz - it's clear that those who have tried the Bespoke Gran Mareva have really enjoyed it.

We recently had an unseasonably warm February night here in Tennessee and I had a chance to try it myself. So, without further ado...

Bespoke Gran Mareva Pre-Light

Bespoke Club Gran Mareva band
It's kind of a "cute" cigar at 5.625" x 42. I don't dislike coronas, I just don't prefer them in the summer as I'm typically looking for something that'll give me an hour or so.

Wrapper: Brazilian Cubra
Filler: Dominican Republic Seco, Nicaraguan Viso, Pennsylvanian Broadleaf

Binder: Dominican
Body: Medium

The Brazilian wrapper has a bit of a splotchy look to it. (This is normal). The band and construction appear to be in good shape. This isn't a cheap cigar - ~$13 typically. It's the materials used and no fault of the cigar but I've seen many cigars that look "expensive". This one doesn't as it relates to the eyeball test. I like a shiny, oily sheen on my cigars. This wrapper appears relatively dry - we'll see how it works out.

Light and Cigar Review

Burn line on the cigar
Upon lighting the partially enclosed foot of the cigar, my first thought is, "Wow - where did all this smoke come from". For a smaller cigar, there's a ton of smoke output immediately bellowing out of the cigar.

There is a bit of pepper that sort of hits up top on my palate. From there, I notice a deep, dark sort of roasty/toasty aftertaste. It's quite pleasant.

The retrohale offers another surprising treat - the citrus hits fairly hard. While this isn't uncommon with cigars on the retrohale - there is something different about this sort of lemon zest that I'm picking up. Even more impressive is what settles in next - a beautiful chocolate comes across the palate. Spectacular!

The chocolate subsides and then we're greeted by more toasty flavors. It's similar to what you'll experience on a traditional draw but somewhat deeper. Really a pleasant experience.

In terms of construction, things are moving along nicely. There's no real issues - a slight waviness to my burn line but I'm not a stickler for that sort of thing. I've had no issues requiring a touch-up and the wrapper is full intact as you'd expect it to be.

As I work my way toward the midpoint - I get a strong mineral sense that hits. It's salt. Very salty but it doesn't last long --- in fact, while it caught me a bit flat-footed when it leaves, I kind of miss it.

At the midpoint toward the nub, there is some substantial toasty/maltiness that takes the dominant position on my palate. At times, I pick up a sweetness. I can't pinpoint it --- citrus perhaps? Something. In any case, it's a nice little cigar.

As the burn line approaches my chubby knuckles, it's time to put this cigar down. Total burn time around 45-minutes. Not bad for a little corona and about what I'd expect from a super premium cigar like this.

Bespoke Gran Mareva - Summary

Bespoke cigars on a ledge

Would I smoke it again? Absolutely. Is it an "A+"? I'm not sure, to be honest. It's early in 2017 and it's certainly the best cigar I've smoked this year. I don't know that it's the best cigar I've ever had. There are so many other factors that play into that sort of thing - weather, overall mood, etc. It's a very nice cigar and I think the folks at for offering up the Bespoke Gran Mareva for trial and saving me the $13-$14!