Gun Rights, Blogging & the Future

I ran into this while surfing today and thought it was worth sharing.

 I am not as optimistic as many people, and I believe in some ways we’ve lost ground since I started blogging. - Sebastian at 

The Pennsylvania Gun Blog is a bit of an icon among the gun rights crew and shooting community on the web. I've never had the chance to meet Sebastian, though I'd certainly welcome the chance.

In the post linked above, he discusses how the mom and pop type bloggers have largely been led away from the internet. Now, it's the corporations that own the majority of the sites that push serious traffic in the space - even in the gun space.

I think he's right. Even in the past 5-6 years, what used to be a robust community of relatively like-minded individuals blogging on platforms like Blogspot, Typepad, etc. has diminished.  It seems either the authors got too busy and no longer feel the passion to share or they simply never got a chance to gain traction to make it feel like they were being heard.

I'm not sure if this ship has sailed or if things will turn around again. I see too many in our community now relying on Facebook and Twitter for ego-boosts and instant feedback. I don't fault them for using those platforms --- but at least when blogging on a domain you own (or kind of own, like in the case of this one) you aren't simply helping a big corporation profit off your thoughts and your community of followers.