California Ammo Laws Post Prop 63

I've had a few conversations with "internet friends" in California discussing the ammo laws now that Proposition 63 is largely in effect.

I know there's a ton of confusion. So, when this popped up in my in-box, I thought it was worth sharing.

It turns out you can still buy ammo online in California without any issue - you just can't have it shipped directly to your house. It's pretty much identical to what New York did under their SAFE Act a few years ago. The only difference as I see it is that in California, the FFL type has to have a certification as a "licensed ammo vendor" from the state's Department of Justice.

So, the end result of Prop 63? It probably just means things are getting more expensive and less convenient for Californians.  After all, they're going to get hit with additional fees for the ammo transfer ($10-$20) and they'll also have to schedule a pick-up at the ammo vendor's facility.

Of course, this will probably impact the number of recreational shooters in the state and make range trips less frequent. But I think ultimately, if you were living in California you have plenty of reason to take your range time seriously and this will serve as nothing more than a massive burden on law-abiding citizens. I am really failing to see how this makes anything "safer".

This information is courtesy of Bulk Ammo's California Guide.

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