Just Touching Base

It's been a hot minute since I've had a chance to post. The holidays are in full-effect which means I'm running around with my head cut off.

I Had a good Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, no new cigars that were worth reviewing. Just tried the Macanudo Inspirado White for the first time. It was alright but pretty mild and not nearly as good as the Inspirado Orange, in my opinion.

I did get a chance to get out and shoot with my father for a bit. Ironically enough, we had a discussion about +p ammo and then I got an email about this blog post about +p ammo. They did a nice job, interesting to see the difference increased pressure can bring.

Hoping to get by until Christmas - colder weather is moving in and I have a few cigars lined up that I really want to take some time and enjoy. That might require a trip to the lounge so I can enjoy them in moderate temperatures but I hate to be the guy who brings his own cigars into the shop.