Pistoff Kristoff Cigar Review

A review of the Pistoff Kristoff cigar

I love the name.

Sometimes we have really stupid reasons for wanting to try a cigar.

Yes. This is one of those times.

The Pistoff Kristoff robusto cigar is a 5.5" x 54 stick that's a largely Nicaraguan gem but constructed in the Dominican Republic. I got a handful of these Kristoffs from CigarsCity.com. With a San Andres wrapper and Indonesian binder, the first thing you need to know is that you are going to feel nicotine. Lots of it.

First Third of the Pistoff Kristoff Robusto

the pistoff kristoff cigar band is black with red font
Construction pre-light was noted as really quite good. No major blemishes, the San Andres wrapper has a great, gritty and toothy feel. The band itself isn't much to write home about but I've seen much worse.

Upon the cut and light, I immediately noted a draw that was much more restricted than I'm accustomed to. I cut a little deeper and noted the same very tight draw. Some people like that - I'm not a huge fan of working so hard to smoke a cigar. I like a little resistance but this is pretty extreme, in my humble opinion.

The flavor profile strikes me immediately as nutty. Hard nuts. There's a bit of deep earth in there as well. Upon retrohale I'm greeted by a bit of sweetness. Oh, and yes. There is plenty of nicotine that I can feel making its way to my head. That said, there is not much body to the cigar itself. It's sort of a hollow feeling, if that makes sense.

Second Third of the Pistoff Kristoff

A look at the burn line of the Pistoff Kristoff robusto cigar
There are some minor transitions happening in the cigar at this point. In one draw, I note some cocoa that makes its way to my palate. That's very nice but it doesn't last all that long, unfortunately. The nuttiness and earth notes remain.

Draw remains very tight for me. It's really odd because I feel with cigars that are too tightly wrapped I rarely get the type of smoke output I want. In this case, I'm still getting good smoke output from the Kristoff. Just a weird draw. Note the burn line is very nice and just about perfect.

I feel like a wimp saying it but I'm starting to get a little light-headed from the nicotine. There's nothing "meaty" or what I would consider full bodied about this profile at all but my goodness, it is strong.

Final Third

Working my way toward the nub of the Pistoff Kristoff cigar
I'm starting to really feel like a cigar "noob". The nicotine is going to my head and my stomach is starting to feel it as well. There's an anxiousness about me that is sort of like a caffeine high. I suppose those are all signs that the nicotine is doing its job. I start to feel a bit agitated and... dare I say it, pissed off. 

Frankly, I look like the sour-puss faced "O" that graces the cigar band in the word "Pistoff". 

The flavors don't change a whole lot into the final third. Still a lot of nuttiness that's sticking out the most and that sort of dark earth flavor. There's a bit of a dank note that gets introduced time and again but it's not as predominant as the dank notes from most Dominicans that I sense in darn near every cigar.


Pistoff Kristoff Band
I definitely would not recommend this cigar to guys who don't know their way around a humidor extremely well. You'll be upset if you don't like and love strong, nicotine packed cigars as this cigar is still keeping me up at night. If you're a RomaCraft or similar cigar lover - give this a look. You might be delighted by what you find.

I still like the cutesy name, don't you? I can't complain about the majority of the objective things this cigar brings to the table in terms of construction. I had zero burn issues and aesthetically speaking, it's a decent looking stick. That said, I was not turned on by the tight draw. It made the process laborious to some degree --- adding my own "pistoffness" as the nicotine anxiety kicked in.