Reliving the NRA AM

I was hoping to get to this sooner but, alas, life.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd give this past week's NRA Annual Meeting a 7.

Great attendance, solid political speeches and a great turnout on the show floor by the industry as a whole. That said, the show itself had a few logistics-related issues that got in the way of a better score and something beyond anyone's control, the weather created even more problems.


I was a bit surprised the National Rifle Association was willing to extend a direct endorsement to Trump so soon. I don't think anyone who is familiar with the organization and gunnies in general would be surprised at the number of self-identifying "libertarians" among the ranks. Because of this, I thought the NRA might allow a bit more time for Trump's candidacy to breathe and allow the same time for Gary Johnson to make his case and see if he'd get any traction.

Furthering my concerns, Trump said a few things to the NRA that I wouldn't think he'd want public in that setting. Especially his remarks about the number of rifles his sons having as "being scary" [not his exact words but close enough].


I had a good chat with Chris Hodgdon from Hodgdon Powder in Louisville He seems like a genuine guy and doesn't know me from Adam so I was impressed with his willingness to chat with an "average joe".

I did pick up a couple pounds of the Titegroup Hodgdon Powder from Widener's and will be hopefully trying some reloading in the next few days. This isn't my first go - but my first reloading effort in a long time. (Yeah, I'm the idiot that waits until ammo is nearly free to start playing with a reloading press again).


I'm pretty bummed I didn't get more of a chance to check out more of Louisville's local food scene. I'm not a foodie but felt like there was probably more to offer than the CVS Pharmacy meal I bought for myself Saturday night! Sorry, not much insight here!

Next Year

I should have a chance to get down to next year's NRA AM in Atlanta and I think that'll be another good one in terms of attendance. Georgia is about as gun friendly as it gets (minus the Governor) and I think a couple months after Hillary or Trump's election, the political climate will be a hot one. 

If your'e headed to the show - hit me up.  Have a good one.