Caldwell The King is Dead: Cigar Review

We finally got a brief reprieve from the cold and I took full advantage today.

Have a couple sticks from Caldwell Cigars that I picked up that I'd been dying to finally toast.

Up first, The King is Dead Premier, a 5.5x50 robusto that has garnered rave reviews all over the web from cigar reviewers with palates far more sophisticated than whatever I have in my mouth and sinuses.
Caldwell the King is Dead Premier Robusto cigar
Just getting started with this guy...
Before the light, I was taken aback by the gritty wrapper on this cigar. It's a Negrito wrapper, which is fairly unique to the industry.

In terms of a sheen, the stick was a bit drier than I'd expected. But then again, this isn't some slick maduro. My experience with Negrito wrapped sticks is limited but I think that drier sheen fits what I was about to enjoy.

Caldwell Cigars - The King is Dead Robusto review
Getting to the second-third of this stick...
The first few draws brought in what I would recognize as a musty-earth notes followed by a bit of cedar and maybe even a few other wood tones. Many other reviewers have called this a medium-bodied cigar. I found it a touch stronger than that and would classify this as a medium to full cigar.

Heading into the second-third, things started to smooth out a bit. I wouldn't say this cigar starts to get creamy, per se but that gritty Negrito feel I mentioned before lighting is definitely present in the first third of the cigar. So, as it fades, get ready for a more smooth finish and really what develops into a very nice smoke.

Heading into the homestretch, I should mention the filler tobacco in these cigars. Caldwell is exceptional when it comes to telling you exactly what you're about to smoke. In the Premier, you're looking at a blend that consists of: 50-percent 2010 HVA 20/20 tobaccos, 30% Dominican Corojo Ligero (2006) and 20% Dominican Negrito Visa leaves (2008).

As I make my way into the final third, the cigar is starting to mellow out a bit. The pseudo-creaminess still occupies my palate and I'm starting to settle in with this stick. I wish it weren't almost over.

Then, I start to pick up notes of tomato, cheese and maybe some grain.
robusto from caldwell with pizza
This robusto lasts longer than the pizza guy takes to deliver...
Well, at this point my palate is blown so I'll leave it here.

Thanks to the folks at for the Caldwell - definitely something I will be toasting again.