Panic? What Panic? I'm not PANICKING!

Last week Wednesday (Decmber 2) I ordered a Sig Sauer P250.

The Sig Sauer P250 pistol

It'll be a Christmas gift for my Father in-law (we call him Markster). I know, I should have just bought him a gift card but he's a teacher so I trust his background and think he'll appreciate the "under the tree" pistol experience.

I thought I was being smart. Everything San Bernardino had just happened and there were signs this was going to spark an all-out holy war. Leading to an all out assault on our Constitutional rights... leading to a run on guns and ammo.

Well, I don't know what the entire country's sales look like (they're apparently way up in San Bernardino) but I just received notification from Bud's that my pistol is finally headed to their shipping department. I paid with a credit card, there should be near instantaneous processing time there and now, it's finally ready to get put in a box. If you pay with check you get a discount but the processing time generally takes a week while the check clears --- so I paid with a credit card this time thinking it would reduce the chance of me getting caught in with the "storm" of orders.

Is it normal for it to take a week? Bud's is the only place I've bought a gun from on the web before so I don't have a real basis for comparison. I know the AR-15 market has gone bonkers but is this indicative that things really are going crazy?

(For you non-gunnies that might stumble upon this - Bud's, nor any legally operating gun shop that operates online can ship you firearms directly. They will ship to a Federal Firearms Licensee who will then perform the background check and transfer ownership of the pistol).