The R.I.P. Ammo Crew Is Back With Another Joke

Alright. I hate gimmicks and marketing-speak.

It drives me nuts and I think a lot of it is extremely short-sighted for a company to use --- credibility matters. (Weird, since marketing has such a bad rap usually and that's basically the day-job, right?)

Enter: G2 Research and their R.I.P. Ammo line-up.

You might remember, when their initial R.I.P. ammo was introduced, they called it the deadliest projectile ever made and other hyperbole of the like. Idiotic publications picked up on it and gave them a ton of publicity --- even though many of those publications had no idea what they were talking about.

Then, some guys with a bit of credibility like Shooting the Bull and others declared the rounds weren't what was promised and carried all the deadly power of a 22 lr round.

Heck, they even had to recall their 45 ACP rounds because they proved dangerous for Glock owners.

Now, the gun media is letting them do it again with a new round called "Civic Duty". Let's dump on some extra scare tactics with a double-shot of the hyperbole that gave them buzz their first-round.

G2's new ammo round, "Civic Duty"

Recoil Magazine: "The Civic Duty round is designed to stop a fight quickly and sometimes you must ask yourself: “Is my life worth two bucks a shot?”

They then run the portions of the G2 press release verbatim, which include ridiculous, two-sided claims like the following:
"The Civic Duty round is designed to function exceptionally well at lower velocities (.45 ACP) and at higher velocities (such as the 9mm at 1,230+ fps)."
So, in other words, it's designed to work exceptionally well at all velocities? You know, it's like a racing car that's designed to be especially fast and also designed to have especially large carrying capacity.

But the press release absurdity doesn't stop there. The company goes on to attack others in the self-defense space with an absurd claim that makes it sound like the idea of plugged hollow points is ground-breaking or something.
"Unlike conventional hollow point bullets – which may not expand reliably due to clothing filling up the hollow point, the Civic Duty will indeed reliably open up because of its peeling petal design."
Lucky Gunner did a bunch of hollow point ballistic tests and while several plugged when put through four layers of fabric - many rounds performed admirably.

One that didn't perform all that well well? You guessed it, G2's initial RIP rounds.

Look at the flaking that went on there. None of their "talons" or "wings" or whatever marketing speak they want to refer to it as stuck to the projectile. They flake off.

The expanded diameter of the RIP rounds was .36" according to those tests. That's .01" inch better than what I typically consider a sorry excuse for self defense ammunition, PMC's Gen 1 Starfire. (which, to its credit costs considerably less than G2's products).

Oh, and these latest "Civic Duty" rounds from G2... they retail at about $2/round. Because, you know, because hyperbole is more expensive than lead.

Pick your market G2. It's not me. It's the guy who just bout a gun and doesn't intend to ever shoot it.


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