Celebrating Parents Who Nurture Wimps

I'm not a father. (insert obligatory "that I know of" joke here).

I don't have any first-hand experience raising children.

But as a culture, why do we celebrate parents who teach their boys to be passive, non-aggressive, and wimpy.

Don't bring flowers to a gun fight.
A French news shows interviewed a little boy and his father about the attacks in Paris. As the father explained what happened to his son, the issue of guns came up.

The father insisted that they will combat the violence with peace and that they'd be ok because they'd bring flowers - which I suppose is meant to be symbolic for love in this instance.

I'm all for peace. I'm all for violence as a last-resort of mentality and child-rearing. But if you tell your kid that you're going to fare well in a gun fight with a bunch of roses, you might want to revert to some plants you can at least smoke.

Now, the media - well, the online crazy-left media that really isn't media at all but just a bunch of aggregators are celebrating this moment like Dad of the Year just dropped some serious knowledge on us all.

I'm not going to give you the whole "uphill to school both ways" spiel but there's no way in hell my Dad would have told me to shower the bully at school with love... or flowers. In fact, where I grew up, showering a bully with flowers or love was something that'd line you up for a butt-kicking.

So, why do we praise parenting like this? I think it's the same on both sides. I've seen right-wing websites go crazy for fathers who take their sons and daughters to the shooting range and there was that Chris Pratt video of him teaching his sons the Pledge of Allegiance that went viral all over the web.

More than anything, why do we care and why do we act like it's our job to cheer on parents who teach their children the ways of the world if they reflect our personal values? Raise your kids not to need my subsidies when they have their own children. If your babies don't require my money to have babies of their own, you're doing well. Let's leave it at that.