Yes, really. Ben Carson Battling to Prove He Tried to Stab Someone

I'm still an undecided voter but have been following the GOP primary fairly closely.

The most recent Ben Carson news strikes me as exceptionally weird... and maybe a little funny.

If I'm understanding this situation correctly, the current narrative goes something like this:

1.) Ben Carson writes a book and makes claims he received a "scholarship" to West Point and that he attempted to stab another student in junior high.

2.) The West Point story is still up in the air as far as I'm concerned. Politico went nuts on Carson and said "West Point doesn't charge tuition so you couldn't have had a scholarship". Carson said that doesn't mean he wasn't accepted and that admittance in and of itself is considered a scholarship. Who knows?

3.) Now, media outlets have questioned Carson's claims about attempting to stab a fellow junior high schooler.

4.) Carson is now fighting hard to prove that he attempted to stab someone. Here's a post he made the other day on Twitter:

Here is an interview my mother did in Parade Magazine on May 11, 1997. Did CNN do any research at all?
Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Sunday, November 8, 2015

So,  just to be clear. The current front-runner on the GOP side to be President of the United States is in the peculiar position of fighting to prove to you just what a jerk he is was.

Am I taking crazy pills here? I understand credibility is a fickle thing but if I'm Carson, I might just let this one go.

This might be beside the point but Carson's brand is that of a gentle intellectual giant, right? I mean, he's portrayed himself publicly as a master of control - with unshakeable hands that operate on brains and a demeanor that's speak softly with a big stick ready to attack, right?

If that's the "brand" - why is he trying so hard to prove he was once a raging bully? (Maybe an even better question would be - why is Carson publishing stories like this in a book that's being heavily promoted while he's campaigning all over the country?)