You Like Ammo? I like Ammo.

This is pretty cool.

While you have the gun grabbing public at large and the inhabitants at the White House clamoring for gun control, it'd be nice to try to expose some of the people who are hearing all the noise to normal gun owners. Or, you know, what actually goes on when a law-abiding citizen shoots his or her gun recreationally as part of a sport of self-defense training scenario.

I got a note that detailed something and Magtech are doing with a 9mm ammo initiative that gives rounds to shooters who bring a newbie to the range. Seems like a solid idea that should help grow the number of folks that understand what it means to be an American gun-owner and not some sort of nut that commits crimes. Plus: free ammo! It sounds like there is plenty of ammo to go around, they are saying they have 100,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition for the campaign.

If you download a target and snap a photo while at the range, they'll send you a couple boxes of Magtech ammo for your trouble. Good deal - I'm going to see if I can convince my sister to let me take her oldest son out this weekend. He's a couple years off from voting so I'm not sure he's going to help in that regard but he's asked about guns quite a bit. While his father isn't a gun grabber, I don't think they're going to be hitting the range anytime soon if I don't step in!

I wouldn't exactly consider myself Jerry Miculek but I know the basics of safety and shoot several times a year. Should be a good experience for him. Maybe we can find some pumpkins to victimize... tis' the season!

I've never been in the driver's seat before when it comes to teaching a new shooter. Any tips you can pass my way that I should remember when showing him how it all works? I'm thinking we'll start with 22 long rifle and work our way up. He's 15-years-old so I think he can handle most pistol rounds.