CNN's GOP Debate Promo

If you're like me, you're probably looking forward to the second GOP Presidential debate in a few weeks as you try to get a better feel for how the GOP side of things will shake out.

If you're like CNN, you're probably looking forward to an oiled-up and shirtless Chris Christie finishing his sparring session with Rand Paul that started in the first debate. Because, after all, this isn't just a bunch of (mostly) white guys from (mostly) affluent backgrounds standing on a stage reciting talking points their teams have put together after dissecting months of focus group and polling research.

No, if you're CNN this debate is WAR.

Check out the promo below that shows how they're teasing the next debate. It's so over-the-top "boxing" that I actually laughed out loud the first time I saw it.

Perhaps even more entertaining is that they didn't stop at just one commercial spot. They have a whole damn campaign of these over-the-top "Dark Knight" voice-overed spots.

It's like something Saturday Night Live would release, you know?

Maybe it'll help ratings (doubtful) but I sure don't believe this sort of over-the-top rhetoric in the way we promote political discourse is good for democracy. But then again, CNN hasn't been accused of being good for democracy in a long time...