Scrotal Recall on Netflix - A Surprising Review

So, we started to watch this programme, Scrotal Recall, on Netflix about a week ago.

Horrible name, right?
Scrotal Recall Promo Poster from Netflix

Netflix has it dubbed as a "Netflix Original" and so far we've enjoyed other programmes like that (House of Cards, Bloodline, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) so I thought we'd give it a shot.

Turns out, Scrotal Recall is actually a British television series that was created for Channel 4 over in the U.K. That's why I'm spelling program like a twit earlier in this post. :)

The gist of the storyline is this kid (Dylan) in his mid-twenties gets diagnosed in the first episode with chlamydia and then must go back to contact every women he's been... well, "been with" over the past several years.

Dylan, the lead character in Scrotal Recall on a park bench
If you can get past the fact that he looks like a young Harry Dunn (Dumb and Dumber) you'll like him.
Turns out our lead character is a pretty popular lad and there are about 4 seasons worth of episodes to visit with this storyline. Alas, Netflix only has one season up thus far and word out of the U.K. is that the whole program might be a one-and-done series when it comes to the number of seasons made.

Slate said something about the series that I tend to agree with.

"Scrotal Recall is the dry British cousin of Happy Endings. Or maybe it’s How I Met Your Mother without the slather of CBS Velveeta that sometimes made HIMYM cringe-worthy."

I agree with that assessment. The Mrs. loved How I Met Your Mother so I begrudingly would watch with her but there were moments when it just tried way too hard. Scrotal Recall doesn't do the same - at least not nearly with the same wanton intensity as HIMYM.

I didn't expect much from this mostly because of the title. But there's a lot more heart in the storytelling and the characters than I expected. The first episode is a bit slow but if you make your way into the second episode, you might find yourself getting a little wrapped up in it.

I've never been diagnosed with an STD (thankfully) but I remember getting tested in college. That alone was brutal. The nerve-wracking follow-up appointment for the results was horrible so I can't imagine getting the news that you tested positive for something... then having to deal with the decision to either contact previous partners or not. (Luckily, I was never that popular so my list to call wouldn't have been very long!)

As for the series, there are only 6 episodes available to American Netflix subscribers and from what I can tell the world wide web, that's all Channel 4 in England has made. At a half-hour each, that's only 3 hours of your time to check out the series and get a taste for it. It's the best thing to come out of Britain since... well... umm... ever, I suppose.

Plus, since it's British - if you're as immature as me - you'll find just about every joke is funnier when it's told in a British accent.

Anything else worth watching on Netflix? With Mad Men coming to an end very soon, we often find ourselves struggling for entertainment in the summer. (My Milwaukee Brewers being off to their worst start in franchise history means no baseball for me this summer as well!)