A Look at the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion

I got the chance to check out the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion while walking the dogs last night.

Before I start, you should know: I love Joya de Nicargua. Their Antano 1970 and Dark Corojo blends are a couple of my favorite sticks. Amazing sticks, both of them, as far as I'm concerned.

The celebracion... well, not so much.

A look at the start of Joya de Nicaragua cigar journey
Joya de Nicargua's Celebracion toro cigar


The biggest problem I ran into was right from the start. I couldn't get a decent draw out of this cigar for the life of me. Like trying to pull a golf ball through a garden host.

As a side effect, there wasn't much smoke produced with this stick either. I'm not a smoke whore like a lot of cigar guys --- but there is something satisfying about feeling and seeing the smoke leave your mouth, you know?

In doing some reading, this cigar was released as a more subtle alternative to the sticks I mentioned above, the Antano and Dark Corojo. So, the lack of smoke makes sense. However, the God-awful draw does not.
foot of the cigar toasting
I kept checking the foot of the cigar, I thought given the lack of smoke I hadn't lit it well but it seems to be fully toasting.

Flavor Profile

I picked up a little bit of a sweet flavor on the front-end of this cigar that was very mild at the start of the stick. Into the second-third of the cigar, there was a little bit more earthy taste that crept in and I would say may be a little bit of nut as well. The flavor wasn't bad with this stick - there just wasn't much of it. I chalk that up to construction.

Ash hanging off a Joya de Nicargua cigar
Not bad in terms of ash, right?

The ash held together very well on the stick, especially when you consider I was out walking the dogs and stomping around. (That movement tends to knock the ash off much quicker than when I'm laid back and enjoying a stick on the deck).

Either way, I can't get past the draw on this cigar. I might try one again but I certainly won't be loading up on a box of them anytime soon.

Rating: 3 of 10