Valley of Ice

First time in a short time that we've had this kind of ice in the Tennessee valley.

I can't distinctly remember having a 1/2 inch coating of ice on everything like we woke up to this morning but I don't think it's been more than a few years.

There's some 'Murica in that photo if you look closely.
Nonetheless, it all led to some interesting photos and views on the dogs' walk earlier today.

It was a little bit eery as things start to thaw out. Walking by homes with icicles falling and tree branches tumbling from the weight of the ice and snow. East Tennessee definitely isn't used to this so when it happens, all the branches from several winters' worth of weight start to fall.

Tree with ice blossoms
Not yet spring.
I'm not an arborist but it looked like that poor tree had started to blossom. We have a lot of dogwoods in the area and several had red buds like that encased in ice.

The pups enjoyed the walk and now both of them are in dire need of a bath. Oh, the joys of winter.