Review: Perdomo Habano Maduro Toro

A review of the Maduro in Perdomo's Habano line-up

I had a chance to check out the Perdomo Habano Maduro toro cigar the other day. A striking stick that overall, I wasn't displeased with but it's likely not going to be invited into my humidor again. This cigar was rated a 94 but I'm not sure why.


Perdomo's burn line habano maduro cigar
Pretty. Right?

I'm a sucker for Perdomo's construction. They really do a fantastic job at their facilities. I don't know that I've ever had a cigar that wasn't absolutely striking from them. It just looks high-end and classy to me. The wrapper on this cigar was beautiful, the cap just about seamless and everything about it made me feel like I couldn't afford to toast it!

I had no problems with the initial light or the toast itself. I was fortunate to enjoy a nice, even burn throughout - along with some ash that was damn near picturesque.

A little different for me, I used the punch cutter instead of the traditional guillotine.
I'm generally a guillotine cutter kind of guy. Chop the cap and light 'er up. I chose to go with the punch cutter in this case. In part, I made that decision because the 54-ring gauge of the cigar is pretty hefty so I thought the punch cutter might make better work and, ultimately, offer me a cleaner draw. It's possible this impacted my impression of the stick but really, I saw no problems with the draw or the construction.

The Toast - Flavor Profile

First of all, I'm not sure if I'm biased against Nicaraguan tobacco or what. I love Oliva cigars but this Perdomo with filler tobacco primarily from the famed Esteli-region of Nicaragua didn't do it for me. I picked up some decent spice in this cigar. While other cigar smokers noted hints of cocoa or chocolate, I didn't pick that up at all. Instead, I got spice and just some stale smokey/tobacco flavors. Maybe my palate wasn't up for the task of truly enjoying this cigar.  Maybe some leather in there as well but definitely not cocoa.

This cigar is full flavored, in my opinion and definitely complex enough that it warrants your full attention. This ins't a cigar for Poker night but is definitely worthy of a toast if you're up for a quiet and reflective evening on the front porch.


If I could, I'd put this cigar on the wall and just look at it all day. Toasting it was, however, a very different story. It's worth trying, if for no other reason than the cigar experts love it. For my taste, however, this cigar scores in the low-80s with a 81/100 rating.