AK Advice

Now that prices are back down to reasonable levels, I'm thinking about picking up an AKM.

Any thoughts out there on performance and value?

Century Arms' WASR doesn't have the best reputation from what I've heard but I'm intrigued by it because of the price. Although, it's Romanian made, which seems weird to me.

The Zastava is about the same price and Serbian made, which I'm a little more comfortable with.

Any other suggestions/thoughts are appreciated and welcomed...


  1. I don't own an AK, but an SKS rather. I'm like you, I'm noticing the pricing come down on them. If I can pick up an AK with a milled receiver for around 500 I'll buy one. If not, they can keep the stamped sheet metal receiver and I'll stick with my milled 1964 Factory 26 Norinco that has never let me down and will eat anything I throw in her. If I was going to buy a specific brand, I'd go for Izmash, Arsenal, or Rifle Dynamics.

    1. Thanks for the insight, Izmash has a great reputation from what I've heard. Although, I'd like that Norinco too!


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