Living on the Edge - Cigar Style

CAO 'VR' Moby Cigar

Somewhere, someone else is seeing just how close to falling they can get their ash.

It's a fun little game I play with myself.

Sad?  Nah. Just another way to cherish each puff!

The photo above is one of the CAO cigars - the 'VR' Moby. I picked it up over at Cigars City.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would to be honest. It was much smoother in terms of pepper and spice than I expected, damn near "velvet". It has some Mexican filler tobacco (along with Nicaraguan) and generally when I hear Mexican tobacco I think of a harsh burn that really is going to taste more like budget than smooth sailing. This wasn't the case with this stick. I'm guessing there isn't much Mexican tobacco in the filler mix and it's about 99% Nicaraguan but I'm not certain.

A nice toro stick, it took about 45 minutes to toast start-to-finish. Thinking about bailing out of the office early to go home and see if I can't get in a quick stick before dinner. We'll see, lots to do so I probably shouldn't be blogging!