Globe Life Park in Arlington - A Review

I had the chance to check out the Texas Rangers relatively new ballpark over the weekend on a rainy Friday night in Arlington, Texas.

Globe Life Park in Arlington

In the shadows of Jerryworld, the new football stadium, Globe Life Park is a huge structure in and of itself.

Really, it was a great place to watch a ballgame despite the weather and despite a lackluster hometown crowd that came out in support of a team more than dozen games out of a playoff spot with less than a month to play in the season. In other words, a beautiful place to watch what was a bad baseball team play in horrible weather.

With seating for a few more than 48,000 fans, the stadium itself is gorgeous with arches along the outside facade and a very clean interior. Our seats, positioned in the second deck of the stadium were great and allowed us to catch every pitch as well as see the entire field.

Oh, and our tickets were $6/seat thanks to a good find on (face value ~$70).

The view from our second row seats in the "Lexus Club" section of Globe Life Park.

We started out the night with a quick walk into the stadium. The area around the ballpark is beautiful with a nice youth diamond as well as a ton of green space with a little waterway that sets you up for what you'll find inside.

It would have been ideal for a day game or planned tailgate. As out-of-towners who flew into Dallas with no grill, we'd have to settle for whatever food we could find inside.

Credit: Some visitor's bureau I bet. I'm not sure who deserves the credit here.

As we entered the stadium, our first stop was the Rangers Hall of Fame. I grew up a Nolan Ryan fan and hoped to see a lot from him. There were some cool items that The Pony Express had worn at one point but overall, the Hall of Fame was really lacking. With a group of baseball fans, we tried to identify what players deserved to be included and quickly came to realize why the Hall of Fame was so poor.

There simply aren't many good players to have worn the Rangers 'T' ball-cap.

Nolan Ryan
Ivan Rodriguez

That would explain why players like Ruben Sierrra (a lifetime .268 hitter) are a part of this hall of fame. Other brain-busters included Darryl Hamilton (career .291 hitter who only spent one season with Texas) and Johnny Oates (.515 winning percentage in 7 seasons in Texas).

As for the game itself, there were a number of things that were unique which caught our eye. My personal favorite was what may be the cheesiest strike out animation it was charming that you can see below.

Ballpark races have become all too common in the big leagues as well. If you don't have something interesting to race around the field, don't do it.

In the case of the Rangers, they simply shouldn't have done it. I could see some sort of cattle-themed race if they were bound and determined to have a race. Heck, a bunch of people with lassos that had to chase a steer would have been perfect.

Instead, sponsored by bottled water company Ozarka, this was the best that the brain trust in Arlington could come up with:

Yep, they're just dots. Green. Blue. And Red. Because dots and Rangers go together like... umm...

In terms of food, a number of the concession areas were closed on this particular dark and rainy night. I assume that was because of the lackluster attendance of the game. Still, there was I'd say an "average" diversity of choices available when it came to actual food to eat.

At Globe Life Park, the signature item is "The Boomstick", a two-foot long hotdog that Prince Fielder refuses to eat. (He's vegan... or vegetarian... no wonder he's hurt).

Beer, on the other hand, was a bit lacking. Sure, there is a "Beers of Texas" stand in right field but aside from that, there really was no craft beer haven that ballparks are now becoming famous for. At about $10 per beer, you definitely won't want to come in sober if that's your thing...

While I'm critical Texas Rangers tradition and game day marketing initiatives, the ballpark itself is a beauty and worth checking out. Even if you get caught there on a night like we did with considerable mist falling from the sky and a night that dipped below 60-degrees in Dallas, which is pretty unusual in September.

Overall Rank: 4 Nolan Ryan Beef Hot Dogs Out of 5.