Apple, Celebrity Nude Leak, and This Boring Life

You knew it wouldn't take long.

Just a day or so after celebrity nude photos leaked, it's time to attack!

Apple's security is being questioned, perhaps rightfully so but it does sound as if the user passwords were hacked rather than some sort of fundamental flaw in Apple's security infrastructure.

I guess Jennifer Lawrence shouldn't have used "HungerGames" as her iCloud password after all....

But while Apple takes heat; Guess what, there are a lot more perverts out there checking out the leaked photos that should be writing to thank Apple. In fact, most of them are my buddies.

But I know it's not just the scum of the Earth that I surround myself with.

Have you been over to the cesspool that is Tumblr lately? Here's one of the less risque photos available to you.

Because. Internet!
Perhaps the better question is - just how common are nude photos among the population as a whole?

I was young once (and still kind of am) but I don't have any nude shots on the cloud, on my phone, or on an on Betacam recorder in my attic (or do I?).

Am I just living a boring life? Shall I start insisting that my sexual conquests be better documented with photos and video?

Tumblr tells me this is Ariana Grande in some "Bang Bang" video.
In the past 24-hours I've had friends send me naked shots of Kate Upton with Justin Verlander, somebody named Kristina Grande (is that the "fancy" song singer?), and somebody else I didn't recognize and didn't care to ask the name of.

I mean, if Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are taking nude shots with each other, surely I have enough free time that it's time to bring a camera into the bedroom, right?

On a personal note, since I took him with a pretty high draft pick in fantasy baseball, are the nude shots of Kate Upton just Justin Verlander's way of attempting to make up for the fact that his E.R.A ballooned to 4.64 this season from 3.63 last year?