Trusty Trustee

It's been interesting keeping an eye on the courtroom this week with a big Trustee's office investigation going on here in Knox Co.

Basically, it sounds like there were at least half a dozen people who broke the law, of which at least 3 don't current face charges but probably should.

Among the things they were doing with our tax money:

1.) Paying employees who didn't actually do any work.
2.) Handing out bonuses and comp-time to salaried employees entitled to neither benefit.
3.) Possibly dealing prescription pills

Delbert Morgan in Knox Co. Court. (Photo courtesy: KNS)

I remember when local media broke all of this a few years ago. The guy currently on trial, Delbert Morgan is the first of three major cases expected in court.

Back in 2009 or so, I remember hearing not only did they give the raises, they also spent county coin on stuff like The Sopranos on Blu-Ray. You know, essentials for the taxpayers!