Jesse's Messy Public Relations Folly

Here's a pro-tip for Jesse Ventura's team as it relates to public relations:

1.) Don't be rich and sue someone.

2.) If you're going to be rich and sue someone. Don't let it be a veteran or Navy SEAL that you sue.

3.) If you're going to be rich and sue a Navy SEAL, make sure he is still alive.

Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Photo Courtesy: NY Times.
Jesse didn't listen.

Ventura sued Chris Kyle, a well-known Navy SEAL and self-proclaimed most lethal sniper in American history several years ago. Ventura claimed defamation and sought $8 million claiming that Kyle's book falsely attributed comments to him.
"Mr. Ventura vehemently denied claims in the book that he had made derogatory statements about fellow members of the military while in the bar, or had said at one point during the evening that the SEALs deserved “to lose a few.'"
Keep in mind, there were witnesses who claimed to have heard Ventura say the things Kyle alleged he said.

Also, Kyle never named Ventura in the book. It wasn't until promotional interviews leading up to the book release with the media that Kyle said the individual in the book was indeed Jesse Ventura.

Nonetheless, Ventura sued.

However, while the suit was making its way through the court system, another veteran killed Chris Kyle in Texas.

Chris Kyle, author of "American Sniper". Photo: Associated Press
Rather than drop the suit, Ventura pressed on and simply changed the lawsuit to go after the Estate of Chris Kyle. Because, you know, if somebody is going to make money off a book, Ventura needs a cut of it, right?

Well, apparently that's what jurors ruled in a 8-2 split decision Tuesday.

Ventura gets about $1.8 million.

Money that would have helped Kyle's widow care for their two young children.

Despite this terrible attack on his character, Ventura did not file suit against himself for defamation.