It Tastes Better When You Pay For It.

This really got on my nerves.

I'm a coffee fanatic. Almost a fiend. It drives me crazy when I go without. The headaches. The dizziness. That's why I could never use real drugs; I'd never be able to quit.

You likely know the feeling and would consider coffee a "near necessity".

However, I don't ask somebody else to pay for my coffee and I'm guessing you don't either.

So, you can imagine my disgust when I saw the post above in my Facebook feed thanks to the folks at our local homeless shelter.

Here's where it gets really infuriating:

The Executive Director of Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries makes about $126,000 per year. That's roughly 3.5 times what the median household income in Knox County is according to Census data.

It seems if anyone should be paying for some coffee or feeling guilty for the lifestyle they have, it's Burt Rosen and his staff.

Burt Rosen, Executive Director at KARM speaking to a group of people.
Burt Rosen, Executive Director of KARM. (Thanks KNS for the photo)

I'll admit, I've spent time volunteering at this particular homeless shelter. I'm sure there are people that get the temporary help they need and then go on to do great things and contribute to society.

However, in the days I've been volunteering, I've noticed dozens of able-bodied men who would rather stand around and watch as otherwise contributing members of society like myself rake the shelter's yard, paint the walls, and do other menial labor chores that even the inexperienced could easily tackle.

It's either health care or coffee freeloaders. The law says I have to pay for one but I'm not paying for both. (Or am I? Do food stamps work toward coffee purchases?)

And just like that: I've become my father.