International Diplomacy Theater

So. Iraq wants air support from the United States.

I'm not saying the guys at my local shooting range could "out tactical" these Iraqi army recruits. But... we could out tactical these jokers.

I assume the series of conversations involved in Iraq's request went something like this. A little screenplay I like to call "Somewhat Racist, Definitely Stereotypical International Diplomacy Theater":

Iraq: Hey 'Murica, can borrow some airpower? We have crazy people invading our country again!
USA: Crazy people? Are they white?
Iraq: No, they look like us this time but they go to a different church.
USA: Ooooooh? How much airpower do you need?
Iraq: Oh, not a ton. You know what it takes to knock down a threat in this part of the world. Just send us that.
USA: Gotcha. Let me make a quick call to my drone financier.
(USA and Iraq hang up their phones)
(USA scratches self with one hand, picks up a telephone with the other hand and dials. China answers)
China: Hello? Herrow?
USA: Oh, hey China. It's me the USA.
China: Oh hey USA. Do you have my money yet?
USA: Come on China, you know I'm good for it. But... speaking of money. How are you guys looking. That GDP still growing at 7-percent? Have anything we can borrow. Something pretty big has come up in the oil producing part of the world that we both rely on for about 99% of our economic might.
China: Oh sure. We'll loan roan you some more money. Just make sure you keep digging yourself in a deeper hole that your children and your children's children will never be able to climb out of. See you later!
USA: Thanks, see ya later, thanks for the Beijing Olympics.
So. Just when we thought we were out. They find a way to drag us (and our wallets) back in.

I drive to work. I need oil. I appreciate human beings and value freedom.

But I value my freedom more than I value Iraqi freedom that I pay for. More military spending on a conflict a world away is not in my best interest.

If the 57-percent disapproval rating Obama has right now on foreign policy is going to get better. Another significant bill from the Middle East isn't the way to do it.