Whew - Spring is Here!

Oh Mother Nature... you're a bit early.

They want to bloom so badly they can't stand it!
Just moments later. Boom!

Pushing 70 degrees in Tennessee today. Hard to believe, right? (It's February 22!)

I'm going a little stir crazy. Might hit the porch and grab a cigar. I'd like to go shoot at some point.

I'm thinking it might be time to go buy some land.

It's so nice out today and I've got nowhere to go shoot --- at least nowhere on private land. I'm not a big fan of the outdoor range here on my side of town. Lots of craziness, crowds, and a ton of noise. Makes it tough to get a nice relaxing afternoon of range therapy in. Don't get  me wrong, I enjoy the camaraderie and all, I just would prefer to have the choice for a tranquil afternoon of long-range shooting at times.

Have a great weekend.