Range Report

Had a great time this morning at the range for a quick trip.

Shot some of the new Wolf Gold 223. It's brass, decent stuff performed as well as I'd hoped.

Decent crowd at the range considering it's February. I wonder if it's related to ammo prices. Things are definitely a little bit better but I don't shoot much .22lr so I'm oblivious to their strife. Either way, it was good to see the crowd even if I'm not sure why it was there. I did get a kick out of one guy who was in the pistol area shooting with a young kid.

The kid kept saying "gun ammo" over and over again. I kind of laughed, seems like that's a little redundant. "Gun ammo" --- as opposed to what other kind of ammo?

Either way, thanks to OB (you know who you are) for the gift card that helped me pick up the AR-15 gun ammo from AmmoMan.com.

I guess I'm older than I thought.