Cool Idea - Maybe

Kind of a cool idea, I'll be curious to hear who gets some of this.

So, I've heard about flash sales in the past but never in the gun-world. 

Last week I got an email from Eric at who said they were having what is basically an ammo flash sale. It's like 150 rounds of .308 in an ammocan for $57. It sounds like these are rounds that came from damaged boxes that they couldn't sell so they'll be loose-packed in the ammocan when you get them.

If you're interested, that's a pretty good deal per round. It's mixed brass, so probably not ideal if you're looking for match quality but if you've got an AR-10, sounds like it'd be a good to blow through a few magazines for relatively cheap.

Basically, I had to swear to secrecy and promise not to post too much of a heads up. It seems they've had a ton of demand for sales like this in the past.

The ammo will be available at 11 a.m. central time (that's noon eastern time) and he says you can't miss the 308 deal on this page.

If you get some, let me know how it shoots. I haven't shopped at yet and I'm not sure how he got my name but I do know they did a loose-packed sale around Black Friday and it sold pretty fast and even caused website issues because so many people wanted it.