Bill Clinton Had an Affair? Oh Noes!!!!

Sorry, it's been a while.

This got me worked up today so I had to update.

From the "I don't believe what I'm hearing department"...

Bill Clinton is alleged to have had an affair with Elizabeth Hurley while he was in office.

You wanna know how I know it's true? Tom Sizemore said so. That's how I know it to be fact.

Does this look like a man who would make up something like this?

Tom Sizmore image
Tom Sizemore doesn't lie... at least not often.

Meanwhile, the verdict is out on whether I blame him or not.

I mean, honestly... can you blame him?

Beth Hurley photo

But, can you believe the President of the United States had an affair?


Oh wait.

Clinton with Lewinsky.

Carry on. This is old news.