Merry Christmas to Me!

Good evening, hope you had a great Christmas!

I had a good one and have been keeping really busy.

The highlight, aside from my hanging out with the family and getting a little bit of time away from the office had to be the time I've spent at the range with my new tool: a Walther PPS chambered in 9mm.

It's been too cold for outside (I'm kind of a wimp) but I've had a great time shooting it at the indoor range.

So far, so good with the pistol. It's been feeding reliably and I feel like I'm about as accurate with it as I was with my full-size Taurus, so that's a good thing. It's generally pretty hard to keep a pocket pistol about as accurate as a full-size but 9mm tends to be a little easier on shooters than larger calibers.

Oh, we'll see what Valentine's Day brings. Maybe I'll get the .40 S&W version of the Walther as well?

What'd you do for Christmas? Anything fun?

Have any resolutions I need to know about for 2014? :)