Nobody wants to wake up with David Gregory and the ratings are showing it.

Meet the Press, the once gargantuan Sunday morning news program saw a new 21-year low for ratings over the past few weeks.

David Gregory, host of NBC's Meet the Press. (Courtesy:

This doesn't surprise me, given the state of political reporting and other non-sense we sometimes call "news".

Gregory isn't necessarily a hack, he's just in over his head and he's filling in for a guy who did a legendary job (Tim Russert). It also would appear Gregory is stuck dealing with a lot more political pressure internally than Russert ever had to face. With MSNBC gobbling up more of NBC's overall news budget than it did during Russert's tenure, it seems the liberal-leaning has a way to trickling up to the big network.

Add that to the fact that fewer people have time on a Sunday morning to watch an entire hour of "news" talk or roundtable gossip and this is what you get.