New Pistols for the U.S. Army?

So, I was on the web just minding my own business when I saw this on Facebook.

The U.S. Army is looking to ditch the Beretta M9 and is in the process of starting to test other pistols for general use.

Photo Courtesy: Beretta USA
I'd heard mostly good things about the M9. It's not perfect, but get as many gun owners together as we have the United States Army and I'm sure you'll have a few gun debates break out.

“The committee notes that the M9 pistol has been a reliable pistol with consistent and reasonable life-cycle costs,” the military's report said. “The committee understands that the development of a requirement to replace the M9 pistol has been slowed by budget constraints and system capability debates over the need for a replacement."

That's the part I don't understand. Of all our military spending, a sidearm with a MSRP of $675 is one of the costs that's holding up the process. 

While it certainly doesn't sound like there is a problem with the M9, if we need to provide our soldiers a better sidearm, shouldn't we have made this move as soon as the determination was made? 


  1. I really don't get that as the USMC just issued a 22.5 million dollar contract for Colt M45 1911's. They are a bit more than 675 a pop!


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