Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jesse's Messy Public Relations Folly

Here's a pro-tip for Jesse Ventura's team as it relates to public relations:

1.) Don't be rich and sue someone.

2.) If you're going to be rich and sue someone. Don't let it be a veteran or Navy SEAL that you sue.

3.) If you're going to be rich and sue a Navy SEAL, make sure he is still alive.

Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Photo Courtesy: NY Times.
Jesse didn't listen.

Ventura sued Chris Kyle, a well-known Navy SEAL and self-proclaimed most lethal sniper in American history several years ago. Ventura claimed defamation and sought $8 million claiming that Kyle's book falsely attributed comments to him.
"Mr. Ventura vehemently denied claims in the book that he had made derogatory statements about fellow members of the military while in the bar, or had said at one point during the evening that the SEALs deserved “to lose a few.'"
Keep in mind, there were witnesses who claimed to have heard Ventura say the things Kyle alleged he said.

Also, Kyle never named Ventura in the book. It wasn't until promotional interviews leading up to the book release with the media that Kyle said the individual in the book was indeed Jesse Ventura.

Nonetheless, Ventura sued.

However, while the suit was making its way through the court system, another veteran killed Chris Kyle in Texas.

Chris Kyle, author of "American Sniper". Photo: Associated Press
Rather than drop the suit, Ventura pressed on and simply changed the lawsuit to go after the Estate of Chris Kyle. Because, you know, if somebody is going to make money off a book, Ventura needs a cut of it, right?

Well, apparently that's what jurors ruled in a 8-2 split decision Tuesday.

Ventura gets about $1.8 million.

Money that would have helped Kyle's widow care for their two young children.

Despite this terrible attack on his character, Ventura did not file suit against himself for defamation. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It Tastes Better When You Pay For It.

This really got on my nerves.

I'm a coffee fanatic. Almost a fiend. It drives me crazy when I go without. The headaches. The dizziness. That's why I could never use real drugs; I'd never be able to quit.

You likely know the feeling and would consider coffee a "near necessity".

However, I don't ask somebody else to pay for my coffee and I'm guessing you don't either.

So, you can imagine my disgust when I saw the post above in my Facebook feed thanks to the folks at our local homeless shelter.

Here's where it gets really infuriating:

The Executive Director of Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries makes about $126,000 per year. That's roughly 3.5 times what the median household income in Knox County is according to Census data.

It seems if anyone should be paying for some coffee or feeling guilty for the lifestyle they have, it's Burt Rosen and his staff.

Burt Rosen, Executive Director at KARM speaking to a group of people.
Burt Rosen, Executive Director of KARM. (Thanks KNS for the photo)

I'll admit, I've spent time volunteering at this particular homeless shelter. I'm sure there are people that get the temporary help they need and then go on to do great things and contribute to society.

However, in the days I've been volunteering, I've noticed dozens of able-bodied men who would rather stand around and watch as otherwise contributing members of society like myself rake the shelter's yard, paint the walls, and do other menial labor chores that even the inexperienced could easily tackle.

It's either health care or coffee freeloaders. The law says I have to pay for one but I'm not paying for both. (Or am I? Do food stamps work toward coffee purchases?)

And just like that: I've become my father.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

International Diplomacy Theater

So. Iraq wants air support from the United States.

I'm not saying the guys at my local shooting range could "out tactical" these Iraqi army recruits. But... we could out tactical these jokers.

I assume the series of conversations involved in Iraq's request went something like this. A little screenplay I like to call "Somewhat Racist, Definitely Stereotypical International Diplomacy Theater":

Iraq: Hey 'Murica, can borrow some airpower? We have crazy people invading our country again!
USA: Crazy people? Are they white?
Iraq: No, they look like us this time but they go to a different church.
USA: Ooooooh? How much airpower do you need?
Iraq: Oh, not a ton. You know what it takes to knock down a threat in this part of the world. Just send us that.
USA: Gotcha. Let me make a quick call to my drone financier.
(USA and Iraq hang up their phones)
(USA scratches self with one hand, picks up a telephone with the other hand and dials. China answers)
China: Hello? Herrow?
USA: Oh, hey China. It's me the USA.
China: Oh hey USA. Do you have my money yet?
USA: Come on China, you know I'm good for it. But... speaking of money. How are you guys looking. That GDP still growing at 7-percent? Have anything we can borrow. Something pretty big has come up in the oil producing part of the world that we both rely on for about 99% of our economic might.
China: Oh sure. We'll loan roan you some more money. Just make sure you keep digging yourself in a deeper hole that your children and your children's children will never be able to climb out of. See you later!
USA: Thanks, see ya later, thanks for the Beijing Olympics.
So. Just when we thought we were out. They find a way to drag us (and our wallets) back in.

I drive to work. I need oil. I appreciate human beings and value freedom.

But I value my freedom more than I value Iraqi freedom that I pay for. More military spending on a conflict a world away is not in my best interest.

If the 57-percent disapproval rating Obama has right now on foreign policy is going to get better. Another significant bill from the Middle East isn't the way to do it.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Whew - Spring is Here!

Oh Mother Nature... you're a bit early.

They want to bloom so badly they can't stand it!
Just moments later. Boom!

Pushing 70 degrees in Tennessee today. Hard to believe, right? (It's February 22!)

I'm going a little stir crazy. Might hit the porch and grab a cigar. I'd like to go shoot at some point.

I'm thinking it might be time to go buy some land.

It's so nice out today and I've got nowhere to go shoot --- at least nowhere on private land. I'm not a big fan of the outdoor range here on my side of town. Lots of craziness, crowds, and a ton of noise. Makes it tough to get a nice relaxing afternoon of range therapy in. Don't get  me wrong, I enjoy the camaraderie and all, I just would prefer to have the choice for a tranquil afternoon of long-range shooting at times.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Range Report

Had a great time this morning at the range for a quick trip.

Shot some of the new Wolf Gold 223. It's brass, decent stuff performed as well as I'd hoped.

Decent crowd at the range considering it's February. I wonder if it's related to ammo prices. Things are definitely a little bit better but I don't shoot much .22lr so I'm oblivious to their strife. Either way, it was good to see the crowd even if I'm not sure why it was there. I did get a kick out of one guy who was in the pistol area shooting with a young kid.

The kid kept saying "gun ammo" over and over again. I kind of laughed, seems like that's a little redundant. "Gun ammo" --- as opposed to what other kind of ammo?

Either way, thanks to OB (you know who you are) for the gift card that helped me pick up the AR-15 gun ammo from AmmoMan.com.

I guess I'm older than I thought.

Cool Idea - Maybe

Kind of a cool idea, I'll be curious to hear who gets some of this.

So, I've heard about flash sales in the past but never in the gun-world. 

Last week I got an email from Eric at AmmoMan.com who said they were having what is basically an ammo flash sale. It's like 150 rounds of .308 in an ammocan for $57. It sounds like these are rounds that came from damaged boxes that they couldn't sell so they'll be loose-packed in the ammocan when you get them.

If you're interested, that's a pretty good deal per round. It's mixed brass, so probably not ideal if you're looking for match quality but if you've got an AR-10, sounds like it'd be a good to blow through a few magazines for relatively cheap.

Basically, I had to swear to secrecy and promise not to post too much of a heads up. It seems they've had a ton of demand for sales like this in the past.

The ammo will be available at 11 a.m. central time (that's noon eastern time) and he says you can't miss the 308 deal on this page.

If you get some, let me know how it shoots. I haven't shopped at AmmoMan.com yet and I'm not sure how he got my name but I do know they did a loose-packed sale around Black Friday and it sold pretty fast and even caused website issues because so many people wanted it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bill Clinton Had an Affair? Oh Noes!!!!

Sorry, it's been a while.

This got me worked up today so I had to update.

From the "I don't believe what I'm hearing department"...

Bill Clinton is alleged to have had an affair with Elizabeth Hurley while he was in office.

You wanna know how I know it's true? Tom Sizemore said so. That's how I know it to be fact.

Does this look like a man who would make up something like this?

Tom Sizmore image
Tom Sizemore doesn't lie... at least not often.

Meanwhile, the verdict is out on whether I blame him or not.

I mean, honestly... can you blame him?

Beth Hurley photo

But, can you believe the President of the United States had an affair?


Oh wait.

Clinton with Lewinsky.

Carry on. This is old news.